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Asef Bari
CEO, Bari Home Care
New York


Lion Asef Bari is one of the successful sons of Bangladesh who have become able to get established in the USA with dignity. Popularly known as Tutul, Asef Bari who hails from Rangpur, is one of the important leaders of world lionism movement. He is the President of Bangladeshi American Lions Club (District-20-R-2) in New York.
Lion Asef Bari who believes in serving people, is the Founder and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of ‘Bari Home Care’ lincensed in the USA. He is the president of Rangpur Zilla Samity in New York and adviser of North Bengal Foundation in New York.
Lion Asef Bari was born on in a respectable family in Bangladesh. After completing his SSC and HSC from Cantonment Public School and College and graduation from Dhaka City College, Asef Bari went to the USA to pursue higher education. He completed Bachelor degree (BBA) in 1994 from Oklahoma State University in the USA.

In the USA, Asef Bari not only laid emphasis on his own development and establishment, he has also been working for the development of the Bangladeshi community here. Even he has created opportunities for the members of Bangladeshi community to earn from his business by which he is involved in serving people.
‘Bari Home Care’ established by Asef Bari is a healthcare firm which is run under a new program named the Consumer Directed Personal Assistance Program (CDPAP) of the health department in New York. The firm has created opportunities for people to earn from home under the program. It is an easy method. Bari Home Care does all works for the members. ‘Medicaid’ will bear all expenses of the services provided to near ones. In such way, one can earn 55000 US dollar. Bari Home Care provides HHA training to its members. It also offers job of ‘caregiver’. It is mentionable that no certificate is required to get the job. Bari Home Care provides services under HHA, PCA and CDPAP programs of the health department in New York.

The philosophy of Bari Home Care is ‘Care for the loved ones with income opportunity’.
Lion Asef Bari has become an icon among Bangladeshis in the USA for his welfare initiatives which has got wide coverage in local media. Bari Home Care’s significant spot humanitarian service is ‘Cuneral Service’. The firm has been providing services for long to ailing, physically disabled old people in New York. The sincerity and efficiency of the employees of the firm is beyond question. In the coronavirus pandemic, Bari Home Care has extended its helping hands for the care of the people in the community.
Bari Home Care has set a rare example by bearing the costs of those who have died of coronavirus. Asef Bari Tutul said, “We believe in the motto that people are for people. When the relatives of those who have died of coronavirus were struggling to bear the costs of funerals, we provided money for the funerals. We have done this on humanitarian grounds.”
Urging the affluent section of the community to come forward, Asef Bari said, “We have to remain free from stress and keep our morale high during the coronavirus pandemic. We have to obey health rules and take care to boost immunity.”
Everyone should come forward to serve people, Asef Bari reckons.


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