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Home Biography “Foreign Investment Will Increase If Rule of Law is Established in Bangladesh”

“Foreign Investment Will Increase If Rule of Law is Established in Bangladesh”

Arif Ahmed Asraf
General Secretary
Bangladesh Association of Florida

Bangladesh is no longer limited to a small country. Many professionals including indomitable enterprising businessmen of Bangladesh are highlighting the glorious ballad of Bangladesh across the world. Arif Ahmed Asraf, a Bangladeshi-American living in Florida, is one of those luminaries. He is a notable businessman in various sectors including export, import, shipping and hospitality. He is the General Secretary of Bangladesh Association of Florida.
Arif Ahmed Ashraf, a son of Bangladeshi origin, graduated from Dhaka University in 1992. He came to the United States in 1992 on a student visa to pursue higher education. He first moved to Los Angeles, California, where he became the supervisor and later served as manager of the Southland Corporation which is now known as 7-Eleven. In 1995, he started a new journey. This year he started a clothing business in Hollywood, California. In 1997, he returned to Florida to start a petroleum business in Miami.
Arif Ahmed Ashraf, a young entrepreneur rich in various business experiences, used to dream big. He then moved to another city, Belle Glade, to do business. It was during this time that his business relationship developed with H.E. With Docklill. He became an investment angel to Bangladeshi-American Ashraf. With his sincere cooperation, he got the opportunity to be involved in various businesses including export, import, shipping and hospitality. The wheel of his fortune continues to accelerate. He has become the most established businessmen to H.E. Docklill.
Persevering and self-confident Arif Ahmed Ashraf did not have to look back. His business path is now just moving forward. He is an organized man. He never thinks only of himself. He always thinks about the Bangladeshi community in America and his roots Bangladesh. He thinks that if Bangladesh and Bengali culture are not kept alive in America, the new generation will forget its favorite mother tongue, forget its culture. For this reason, he took initiatives through various cultural activities in the Florida Bangladesh community and also collaborated with others.

Dreamer Arif Ahmed Ashraf is a talented and energetic organizer. He is the General Secretary of Bangladesh Association of Florida. He used to practice Bengali culture extensively in his family atmosphere. His wife and two sons and a daughter are all progressive in their dress and manners. They used to celebrate all the glorious and significant days of Bangladesh. They are also proud that the Language Day of Bangladesh is now the World Mother Language Day. They celebrate National Independence, Victory Day and 21st February in the United States.
He has expanded the activities of Mun Trading Corp / HE Hill’s Charity from America to Bangladesh. He has helped many schools, madrasas, orphanages and various social organizations and mosques in the country. Apart from this, he has helped to make the poor people enterprising with an aim of alleviating poverty. With this attitude, he has been taking effective measures for the betterment of more than 2000 students in a madrasa in Bangladesh since 1998 for their better education and better life.
His wife and children also support and inspire him in these activities. Proud Bangladeshi American Arif Ahmed Ashraf says, Bangladesh is truly a country of huge potentials. However, to make best use of this potentiality, the rate of corruption must be reduced. He says that America is a country of immense potential to Bangladeshi immigrants just like Bangladesh. According to him, even expatriate Bangladeshis should not think only of themselves. They also have to think about the Bangladesh community. He thinks that Bangladeshis should give importance to English and IT education.
Arif Ahmed Ashraf, General Secretary of Bangladesh Association of Florida, puts emphasis on the importance of establishing good governance for the development of Bangladesh. He says, if the rule of law is established in the country, foreign investment will increase.


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