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Anyone can change his or her life through hard-working, honesty and punctuality

Bajloor Rashid MBE
UK Bangladesh Catalysts of
Commerce and Industry (UKBCCI)

In 2014, he became President of the UK Bangladesh Catalysts of Commerce and Industry (UKBCCI), which he co-founded. Bajloor Rashid was a key business figure in setting up this new chamber of commerce based in London. The UKBCCI is a leading umbrella organisation for successful British-Bangladeshi entrepreneurs in the UK and Bangladesh. As President of the UKBCCI, he is the founder of the UKBCCI Business & Entrepreneur Excellence Awards and has been the driving force behind it since 2016.
Bajloor Rashid MBE is a British Bangladeshi businessman and philanthropist. He is best known for his tenure as President of the BCA 2006-2012. Bajloor’s business activity has been prolific in the UK and Bangladesh. His efforts include state-of-the art restaurants, a property company, an insurance company, a hospitality resort and three medicare service institutions including a 500-bedded medical college hospital in Bangladesh. Bajloor is also a director of a Bangladeshi travel tour company and a chairman of a company specialising in gas filling station outlets. He is currently Chairman for Progressive Life Insurance Company Limited. Humanitarian causes have figured large in his adult life. He is a dedicated social worker and has always been at the forefront of many community movements.
Whilst president of the BCA; he was at the forefront of the great Trafalgar Square demonstration which attracted tens of thousands of people. This sparked a debate in the House of Commons just days later about the immigration rules. The demonstration was aimed at drawing government attention to the problems the curry industry had over skilled chefs being included in the shortage occupation list of UKBA in 2008. His work has been recognised by sitting and past Prime Ministers and also by the leader of opposition, Mr Ed Miliband MP, who all have singled out Bajloor’s contribution to the curry industry.
His strong entrepreneurial sense means that he is always looking at ways to create something new for people and is currently researching and working on a number of new projects. He says “The best way to address social injustice among the have-nots is to teach them skills and get them into work”. He ensured that the members who joined the BCA had every opportunity; to not only develop their business and social skills, but also to build their leadership and philanthropic capabilities. In the BCA, Bajloor was instrumental in giving the BCA Awards international status and industry recognition, through his drive to build the brand. Throughout his career he has received many awards; in 2012 and 2013 the BB (British Bangladeshi) Power 100 List, ranked him as one of the top ten and top twenty most influential BB individuals in the UK, Channel S Television awarded him Business Personality of the year in 2013.
The British Bangladeshi Who’s Who, is an annual publication, which is a celebration of individuals from various sectors who are at the top of their respective fields. Bajloor has been listed a number of times in 2008, 2009, 2010, 2012, 2013 and 2014 for his work in Catering and Communications. In 2015 he was listed for his work in the Business & Community Sector. In 2014 Bajloor was awarded in recognition for his outstanding contribution.
Bajloor was honoured at the Curry Life Awards in October 2018. He became the first recipient of a new award known as the Curry Life MA Rahim Memorial Award, which is dedicated to the life of M A Rahim and was the main award of the night. It was awarded due to Bajloor’s outstanding contribution to the curry industry, as well as the wider community. He strongly believes that anyone can change his or her life through hard-working, honesty and punctuality.
Mr Bajloor Rashid was awarded an MBE in the 2012 New Year Honour’s list of Her Majesty the Queen, for his lifelong contribution to the British Bangladeshi catering Industry.


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