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Planned Initiatives and Hardworking are Must for Prosperity

Alamgir Kabir
A renowned enterprising businessman of Florida


Many Bangladeshi businessmen have achieved success through their hard work, integrity and perseverance. Alamgir Kabir is one of them. He isn’t only a son of respectable Muslim family of Charbhadrasan of Faridpur district but also a proud son of Bangladesh in Florida. He is one of the top business personality in the mainstream business area of Florida in United States. He owns many big shopping malls. He also runs real estate business along with business of product marketing.
The name of father of Alamgir Kabir is Hazi Abdur Rahim and mother Rabeya Khatun. He was talent and enterprising from his childhood. After completing SSC from Faridpur Zilla School and HSC from Rajendrapur Govt. College, he won DB lottery in 1995. He was very devoted to work as he wanted to change his fate. His father was a respected and rich man of his locality. After getting DB lottery, he migrated to America in 1995. At first, he started ‘Retail Business’ after going there. Alamgir Kabir always believes on the saying of the Holy Quran which says “Allah helps those who help themselves”. Alamgir Kabir didn’t get disappointed as he gradually started to gain success with the help of Almighty Allah. He established a company within a several years. Now, he possesses 13 or 14 big shopping malls. His footsteps are on the horizon of success. Alamgir Kabir is now one of the top business figures riding through the golden ladder of prosperity.

Though he is an established man there but he always thinks for Bangladesh particularly for Faridpur including Charbhadrasan. There is a deep feeling of patriotism in him. He believes that many people of Charbhadrasan have to live below poverty line due to river erosion as well as this area is lagged behind. He has taken initiatives for their development. He has extended his hands in different areas including their education, healthcare and shelter. During the coronavirus period, he has provided relief goods among deprived Imams and muezzins and teachers of some upazilas including his own upazila.
He is a social-oriented organizer. He always prioritises human welfare thoughts. He engage with Association of Florida. He always provides financial assistance in all cultural programmes which are held in South Florida. Those who want to do business in America, he cordially helps them. He says that the system is very good and transparent here. The only need is to work hard and abide by the rules. If the paperwork is submitted with fees, the permission for doing business can be got immediately. For preparing documents, there are lawyers.
A smart and farsighted Alamgir Kabir thinks that the Bangladeshi immigrants should do such works which enlighten the image of the country in abdroad. Alamgir Kabir has spent his business earnings for the betterment of the people of his locality which he earned staying at America for 25 years. He is known as generous person to the people of his locality.
Alamgir Kabir involves in politics from very young age. During his student life, he led Jatiyabadi Chhatra Dal. He believes that Shaheed President Ziaur Rahman introduced a new concept and dimension in the politics of Bangladesh. He (Ziaur Rahman) took the movement of changing the fate of country’s people ahead through the politics of production. Bangladesh has gained sufficiency in food by riding through the path directed by him. At present, Alamgir Kabir is the president of Florida BNP. While replying to a question, young and smiling Alamgir Kabir says “If someone wants to make prosperity, there is no alternative to hard work. The initiatives will be taken with plan and must work hard. Only sowing seed does not produce a crop. It is necessary to do hard work for this.
As a human, Alamgir Kabir is very lively, amiable and compassionate. Self-assured and resolute Alamgir Kabir has established Hazi Abdur Rahim Trust after his father’s name. Through this trust, the deprived and poor people of Charbhadrasan are provided assistance with many social developments including education and healthcare.
While responding to a query, Alamgir Kabir says “We Bangladeshi immigrants want such a Bangladesh where rule of law and democratic values will be established which was the main spirit of Liberation War.3


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