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Akter Super Market is brightening the image of Bangladesh

Mohammed Akter Hossain CIP
Chairman & Managing Director
Mohammed Akter Group, Dubai

We have enough talents and need proper planning, dedication, hard work and perseverance to use them. The combination of four qualities ensures success. Mohammed Akter Hossain, a luminary and enlightened entrepreneur from Chattogram, has these qualities. He is now one of the world’s leading business entrepreneurs in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. He has built the super market empire ‘Akter Super Market’ there. He has established 15 supermarkets in seven states in the UAE, which represent Bangladesh.
About two decades ago, Mohammed Akter Hossain went to Dubai. He has reached the peak of successful as an entrepreneur going through ups and downs. He currently resides in Ras Al Khaimah, United Arab Emirates. He was born on January 1, 1971. Mohammed Akter Hossain has been active and intelligent since his childhood. He passed SSC from Gachhbaria NG High School in Chandnaish. In 1994, he moved to the United Arab Emirates, the land of dreams.
He has experienced many ups and downs at different stages of his life. He had an active journey in the business arena of that country. After living for more than two decades abroad, he thought of establishing a business where he would have the opportunity to represent Bangladesh. In 2019, he established Akter Group’s new business firm named ‘Akter Super Market’ in Dubai.
Daily essentials including fresh vegetables, fish, meat and readymade garments from Bangladesh are available in the market. The market is like a mini Bangladesh. Distinguished guests from home and abroad including the then Ambassador of Bangladesh Mohammed Abu Jafar attended the inaugural ceremony of the market. Mohammed Akter Hossain, CIP, Chairman and Managing Director of the group, says that despite being abroad for a long time, he could not forget the fresh gourds and delicious fish of Bangladesh. Other Bangladeshis like me also want to taste fresh vegetables. They want to buy the products of the country from one place. I have taken this initiative from that desire. His initiative has been successful.
With the success of this market, he has now established 15 Akter Supermarkets in 6 states where 25/30 thousand customers shop every day. Not only Bangladeshis, foreign buyers also come to these markets. The main reason for this is the combination of many types of products, fresh vegetables, fish, meat and Bangladeshi-made garments in one market. The use of trained staff in these markets is also quite good. Akter Super Market is an example of how Bangladeshi salesmen can work with international quality skills and experience in such a market. These markets are very big markets where you can buy products in a very lively mood. Bangladeshis are very happy to get this market. They think that they are buying vegetables and fish in a good environment in the country. There are also discount on price at different occasions. Akter Super Market is like a meeting place for many Bangladeshis. Customers are fascinated by high quality products as well as high quality services.
At present about 400 workers are engaged in these supermarkets. Most of them are Bangladeshis. There are also some workers from Africa and Southeast Asia. Akter thinks that as the number of these markets expands, more jobs will be created.
Mohammed Akter Hossain, a hardworking and self-confident entrepreneur, not only sees success in establishing this ‘Akter Super Market’, but his initiative is also brightening the image of Bangladesh. In many countries of the world, even in the United Arab Emirates, many people looked down on Bangladesh and today they are coming to know about the improvement of Bangladesh. They are now respectful towards Bangladesh and its people.


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