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Ahsan Khan Chowdhury

Ahsan Khan Chowdhury

Morning shows the day. RFL group started with the belief that poverty and hunger are two of life’s biggest curses and it is possible to alleviate these curses by using profitable businesses to create employment and consequently increase the standard of living of all those who are affected by poverty and hunger in Bangladesh. Thus began the journey of PRAN-RFL in 1981!
RFL Group is one of those leading companies that have taken hold of the agricultural products and service markets in Bangladesh. PRAN is a leading internationally compliant consumer brand of this group. The brand ensures quality control through stringent agreements with farmers ensuring quality of the raw materials of their outsourced products.
PRAN Food’s principal source of raw food material is contract farming. It greatly contributes to an economic improvement of rural livelihood by means of employment generation and overall improvement of the condition of the rural localities. Growers are provided with quality inputs (seeds, fertilizers, pesticides), improved and advanced cultivation techniques, access to finance, crop insurance, advanced storage and collection system and access to the international market for their products.
PRAN believes in providing benefits that are sustainable in the long-run. The provision of tools, knowledge, and finance nurture self-sufficiency. Additionally, PRAN supports the farmers working by providing them with financial assistance on every level.
RFL has managed to not only build a strong consumer base for its products such as juice, drinks, snacks, dairy products, confectionary and culinary products but it has also helped raise the standards of the agricultural raw materials throughout the country and developed the agricultural sector.
RFL also aims to alleviate the scarcity of clean water and provide farmers with agricultural equipment at a reasonable price. At present, RFL is also producing cast iron, PVC and plastic products.
Along with catering to the diverse tastes of a global consumer group, PRAN contributed in developing rural economy, generate employment, export earning, agriculture and consumer health through their shared values and commitment towards the society and environment.
The PRAN-RFL group has been awarded with ISO-9001, Halal and Hasaaf certificates for its quality management standards and due to the supreme quality of goods produced. The goods are now being exported regularly to almost 70 countries throughout the world. Attained IMS (Integrated Management System) certificate which is the combination of Environmental Management System ISO 14001:2004 and British Standard Occupational Health Safety Assessment Series (BS OSHAS) 18001:2007. As a result of which PRAN has been awarded the Best Exporter Trophy for 3 consecutive years. All this success has been a result of the hard work put in by a dedicated, talented and driven young man –Ahsan Khan Chowdhury.
As deputy managing director Chowdhury has already shown his creative skills and dynamism which helps PRAN-RFL group to stay ahead of its competitors and also to develop the standards of the company relentlessly. Born in 1970 Ahsan Khan Chowdhury comes from a respected Muslim family. His father late Major General (Rtd) Amjad Khan Chowdhury is a legend in terms of success in the business arena in Bangladesh. Mr. Ahsan finished his primary education in Bangladesh and then travelled to USA to complete higher studies and get his bachelor’s degree in Business. Other than this he has also spent time in American School of International Business Thunderbird and also in Zurich to complete further courses.
In 1993 he joined the business created by his father and has been a leader in PRAN-RFL group since then and performed his role with dynamism. And since then PRAN-RFL group has only grown for the better with his help. Currently he is an active member of Premier Trade Bodies, Associations & clubs in Bangladesh.
Earlier the group was named as Rangpur Foundry. As an environment friendly organization, PRAN has set an industry-wide benchmark in its home country through its continuous contributions to the economy. PRAN contributes to government expenditure in education, infrastructure development, public employment generation and cash transfer under safety nets. It is also one of the largest corporate taxpayers in its domestic country.

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