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Ahmed Rajeeb Samdani

Ahmed Rajeeb Samdani
Managing Director
Golden Harvest Group

Ahmed Rajeeb Samdani is the Managing Director of Golden Harvest Group, one the modern technologically advanced private sector companies on the list of contemporary established companies in Bangladesh, today. He is simultaneously the Founder and Trustee of Samdani Art Foundation. The Group comprises of businesses in the Information Technology, Commodities, Logistics, Food Processing, Agriculture, Aviation, Banking and Real Estate sector.
The young and enterprising Samdani is not only keeping himself busy with business activities but is also actively involved with human welfare in society. He is the General Secretary of Bangladesh Human Rights Foundation and Trustee of Alvina Samdani Trust and Taher Ahmed Chowdhury Charitable Hospital, Sylhet. The meritorious Samdani who hails from Sylhet and is one of the Directors of the privately owned City Bank is also contributing significantly to economic development.
Ahmed Rajeeb Samdani started working since he was only 23. He started his career as a Commodity Broker at the British steel Company Stemcor and then began developing his own company Golden Harvest. Currently more than 2500 people work at Golden Harvest. Golden Harvest extends its business involvement in the Logistics arena in 2011. Golden Harvest partners with the Japanese Nippon Express, Asia’s largest and 7th largest in the world, in the field of Logistics with network in over 480 locations worldwide.
Golden Harvest Agro Industries is the country’s largest ‘frozen ready-to-cook food’ processing company. The company is planning on extending its business capacity keeping in mind the local and international demands. The group is currently taking initiatives to construct an ice cream plant and the country’s first Cold Chain network in collaboration with USAID. The group consistently delivers international standard innovative products & services for improved lifestyle.
Golden Harvest Ice-Cream Ltd. is the new entrant in the Bangladesh ice-cream industry with the brand BLOOP. The ice-cream industry in Bangladesh is growing steadily at around 12% every year and has been estimated at BDT 10 billion in the fiscal year 2014-15.
Golden Harvest has set up a brand new plant from Tetra Pack Sweden and is being operated under the supervision of a highly experienced Danish production manager. The brand offers around 40 various variants including sticks, cups, cones, calippo, sorbets, tubs, cakes and many more.
Golden Harvest Agro Industries Ltd. takes pride in its food processing plant & supply chain. For its production and supply chain facilities the company has received many certifications including ISO 22000:2005, 9001:2008 & HACCP. The company’s supply process is linked with over 100,000 Bangladeshi agricultural partners who supply 95% of the company’s raw materials. The food processing plant is situated in Gazipur which is equipped with state of the art machineries and is maintained by a team of industry’s best professionals. Once production is completed and quality is assured, the frozen products are distributed through an extensive network of temperature controlled transportation system. The company distributes nationwide and exports to USA, Canada, Australia, Middle East and the European countries, maintaining a temperature of -18⁰ C through its cold chain network. All these ensures top quality products, farm to fork!
Their latest brands include Golden Harvest Sauce and Ketchup™, Golden Harvest Chanachur™, Potos™, Googly™ and Golden Harvest Potato Crackers™ from the house of Golden Harvest Foods Ltd.
Rajeeb Samdani has displayed keen interest in cultural activities since an early age and has nurtured culture deep within. He continues to assist cultural groups whenever possible. Samdani Art Foundation was born out of his personal desire to nurture culture. The Foundation works to nourish art and culture in Bangladesh particularly in developing the platform for ‘Art’. The Foundation is planning on arranging the Dhaka Art Summit, the largest non-commercial South Asian art dedicated event, very soon and work is in progress jointly with Shilpakola Academy and Bangladesh National Museum in this regard.
Rajeeb Samdani is a deligent, high spirited and thoughtful person and he realizes that we all have a role to play in society and the responsibility is greater if we are affluent. If each one of us carry out our share of responsibility problems in society can be tackled. He opined that Bangladesh is playing a significant role in world economy now.

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