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Proper Use of Technology Will develop Bangladeshi Economy


Proper Use of Technology Will develop Bangladeshi Economy

Abul Nuruzzaman
Pegasus Tech Ventures,
San Jose, California 

Talent and efforts are needed when someone desires to achieve something. If dream of being big in life is kept latent in mind, perseverance will bring an opportunity to implement it. Abul Nuruzzaman is one of the leading entrepreneurs in Silicon Valley, the heart of digital technology in the world today. He is a partner at Pegasus Tech Ventures in San Jose, California. It is an international venture capital firm headquartered in Silicon Valley with a vast network of 180+ startup portfolio companies in 40 countries. He looks after fund raising activities, sources and negotiates deals, and invests in the Internet, mobile e-commerce, payments, big data, AI and emerging technologies. Abul Nuruzzaman has raised Pegasus Tech Ventures Funds for Bangladesh. Nuruzzaman is a member of the board of directors of several technology startup companies such as,, and He has played an important role in investing in technology sector in Bangladesh. His contribution, technology acumen, and leadership has directly and indirectly created thousands of job opportunities in high value technology sector in Bangladesh.

Abul Nuruzzaman, an enlightened technologist, is also a Senior Director of Product Marketing & Business Development at Xperi Corporation (Nasdaq: XPER). Xperi is based in Silicon Valley, California, which is an audio, video and 3D semiconductor technology company with more than 2,000 employees, sells products and services under popular brands such as DTS, TiVo, IMAX Enhanced, HD Radio etc. At Xperi, Nuruzzaman leads intellectual property & technology marketing organization responsible for products generating over $500M yearly revenue. Nuruzzaman also worked for various marketing and business development roles at very large technology companies such as Advanced Micro Devices (Nasdaq: AMD, Market Cap $96B), Infineon, Tyco Electronics (NYSE:TEL, Market Cap $32B) etc. In highly competitive Silicon Valley business and marketing management role, Nuruzzaman has propelled to this stage by his dedication and proven results. Although he is not a local American or native English speaker, matter of fact English is his third language after Bangla and Japanese – he is trilingual, he understands the technology and business equivalently well, climbed up in the business and marketing management role in Silicon Valley by dint of his talents, thought leaderships, skills and work ethics.
Abul Nuruzzaman was born in a simple family at Gazipur in Bangladesh. The door of his destiny opens due to his talent in studies. He is the only boy in their area who gets a chance to get admission in Cadet College. He obtained excellent results in SSC and HSC. Thereafter, he got admitted to Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology (BUET). At that time, when the Ministry of Education of Japan offered him the opportunity to study in Japan on a scholarship, he took part in the examination of their embassy and got the highest marks. Without studying at BUET, he was got admitted to Osaka University, one of the top universities in Japan. He was the first foreign student to receive the Japanese Rotary Ambassadorial Scholarship. Earlier, it was given only to Japanese students. He is the first foreigner to receive a Japanese Rotary scholarship to study at University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) in USA.

Abul Nuruzzaman, a meritorious son of Bangladesh, has received many honors and opportunities in recognition of his professional achievements in life. He holds a BS degree from Osaka University, Japan and an MS degree from UCLA. Abul Nuruzzaman was a meritorious student of Mirzapur Cadet College, Bangladesh, who also received Japanese Monbusho Scholarship and Ito Foundation Scholarship. Nuruzzaman is invited as a speaker in many international conferences.
Abul Nuruzzaman, an accomplished and self-confident technologist, says that he has got the opportunity to stay at Saratogain Silicon Valley via Tokyo, Osaka hailing from a small village of Gazipur. He saw many changes in his life’s journey. It resonates in his feelings that no matter where someone is born rather, he or she can develop his position by his own efforts, intellectual thinking and perseverance and thus he can create a new world. He thinks that through his work, he is able to create thousands of ‘technological jobs’ in Bangladesh, create opportunities for many people to get high paying jobs, and build their career in technology.Thus,it creates a technology industry, which also indirectly creates thousands of service jobs. He believes, creating job opportunities is a great success, great satisfaction and great happiness to him.
His wife Dilruba Malik is also a Bangladeshi-American. She holds a graduate degree from the Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta. When her family moved to the United States, she started her USA journey for only 5 dollars per hour working at a McDonald’s. But through her efforts and perseverance, she has been able to develop herself as a high value software engineering leader. Now, Dilruba Malik is leading an engineering team at Palo Alto Networks as Software QA Manager. She has previously worked at Microsoft, Cisco and Hitachi. She has been invited as a ‘Tech Speaker’ at UCSF. She is a regular contributor to Women Tech Networks. This happy technology couple is blessed with two daughters – Arisha is 9 years old and Anisha is 7 years old.
The life story of Abul Nuruzzaman and his wife Dilruba Malik is quite interesting, a true transformation from very simple village in Bangladesh to journey to Silicon Valley, California, a technology headquarter of the world. Nuruzzaman’s journey didn’t end there. He constantly thought how to give back in big way, closing the loop from where the journey started. He is living proof; it does not matter where one personal live in this new technology world. One can always contribute and impact in big way if there is strong will to do so. Abul Nuruzzaman, a world-renowned technologist close to soil and people of Bangladesh, Partner of Pegasus Tech Ventures, has raised and invested millions of dollars in Bangladesh’s technology industry. After Nuruzzaman and his Pegasus Tech Venture’s investment, many global Venture Capital firms followed the footstep and invested multi-fold; thus, his work directly and indirectly created thousands of technological workers and local tech industry. In Nuruzzaman’s own words this is far more important and gratifying than the individual success at the large corporations in the USA and Japan. Certainly, his skills and experiences as a Silicon Valley business development, product management and marketing executive and his multi-cultural Japanese background with engineering education and technology skills, plus understanding of Bangladesh- a very unique journey resulted into transformational contribution to Bangladesh’s technologyindustry. Patriotic technologist Abul Nuruzzaman thinks, “The future of Bangladesh relies on transforming its people skill to high value technology from labor incentive manufacturing and farming” Nuruzzaman further added “If anunprivileged little boy from village of Gazipur can do it, anyone can do it”.3


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