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Training For Skill Development is Very Important Besides  Academic Education

Training For Skill Development is Very Important Besides  Academic Education

Abubokor Hanip
Chancellor, Chairman & CEO
IGlobal University
Founder & CEO

ing smaller day by day and it is in the palms of the talented entrepreneurs. Abubokor Hanip is such a talented Engineer who hails from Bangladesh and is an industry in himself. His experiences have made him skillful. He believes skill and hardwork can take a man to the highest position of success.

Engineer Abubokor Hanip was born at Chewra village of Nangalkot Upazila in Comilla. After completing BSc Engineering in EEE from Chottogram University of Engineering and Technology, he came to America after winning a DV lottery in 1983.
After coming to America, Abubokor Hanip experienced many ups and downs in life. At one stage of his struggle, he established ‘PeopleNTech’ with a view to developing human resources. More than 6000 Bangladeshi Immigrants in America have got mainstream jobs through his institution.
Although Bangladesh is lagging behind financially many development activities have been completed within a short span of time. Specially, development in infrastructure sector which still continues. There is an incredible development in power sector, the construction works of four lane and six lane roads is underway, works of Padma Bridge is also in full swing. Bangladesh is going ahead faster than ever before. In 2006, the per capita income was 600 US dollar whereas now it is at 1900 US dollar according to 2019 statistics.
There are many tiers in case of expansion of the industry and trade of the country. And among them, infrastructure is the most important element. The government has made improvements but it is inadequate contrary to the demand. The traffic jam is one of the main causes of the reluctance of foreign entrepreneurs.
After completing B.Sc. in EEE from CUET, Abubokor Hanip went to America with a view to taking higher education and changing his fate. But, he was disappointed because his dream was broken. He didn’t get any value for his Engineering Certificate there and he had to do odd job like others. He worked standing for 10 hours per day. After coming from work, he cried behind closed doors alone. Then he understood that educational qualification sometimes don’t work. Later, he started to study in computer science which was related to his job. He did good result but couldn’t get better job. He got upset even more.
He had confidence on himself. He took it as challenge. Then he thought about Vendors certification. He took help from other Bangladeshi brothers and succeeded to obtain a certificate after completing his study. He improved his skill and was able to get a job at senior level. He earned 75000 dollars yearly. Even after getting a better job, he wasn’t satisfied. He thought to help other Bangladeshi Immigrants. He shared his views with many people but they didn’t think that it is possible in America.
He offered many but only one of them agreed to his proposal who was a computer engineer and used to drive taxi. He taught him after coming from work without taking off dresses. After learning from Hanip, he then gave interview in many offices and got a job. He earned more than Hanip. His success inspired Hanip to continue. In America, it is easy to get job but Bangladeshi Immigrants can’t present themselves as required. There are 3000 Bangladeshis who used to drive taxi but now every family has an IT expert. Those who are working in this country earn a handsome salary. In this case, PeopleNTech is playing an inclusive role.
Hanip thinks training for skill development is very important besides academic education. About 30 entrepreneurs are now following his method and more 3000 or 4000 people have got jobs through them.
He has faced so many troubles while doing odd job. To minimize such sufferings, he prepared himself. When he got success, he gave it institutional formation so that other people can get opportunities. He thinks if the Bangladeshi Immigrants get mainstream jobs, the image of the country will be brightened.
He took interview of 4 jobseekers a few days ago. One of them was selected and the rest three were rejected as they couldn’t answer a question. There are a good number of educational institutions including 145 government and private universities in our country. About 50000 to 60000 students are getting computer science degree every year. They only get certificates but not getting proper education.
He acknowledges that Bangladeshi expatriates are far behind from other countries. India made 100 billion dollar income from IT sector in 2017 where Bangladesh earned 800 million. India is also mining income from out-sourcing. Due to theis skilled workforce.
The main ladders of the development of any country are education, ethics and hard work. The education must be realistic and objective. Hanip thinks our government must understand that this is an age of IT. The more the develop in the IT sector, the more the country will go ahead. It is a ray of hope that government has established a few IT parks and it will create new opportunities.
He earlier said that India is earning 100 million dollar from IT sector but Bangladesh can hardly earn 800 million. He thinks Bangladesh can make it 800 billion because it has a huge manpower. If Bangladesh transforms its manpower into skilled hand then it is not something impossible. He hopes Bangladesh will be a potential place of IT sector in coming days and create opportunity to earn billions of Dollar. Bangladesh will be one of the developed countries in the world.
On 27th February, 2021 Abubokor Hanip inaugurated I Global University, USA where he is now the Chancellor.3


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