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Abdullah Al Mahmud (Mahin)

Abdullah Al Mahmud (Mahin)
Managing Director
Mahin Group

Garment industry is one of the major sectors of the economy of Bangladesh. The garment industry currently contributes the most to foreign exchange earnings and employment through exports. Mahin Group is one of the few large companies in the garment and textile sector of the country. Abdullah Al Mahmud (Mahin), a creative and talented entrepreneur is the managing director of the group. He is a young talent who could not separate himself from the roots and soil even after falling to the illusions of foreign countries. Mahin is a, determined, far-sighted and portrait of a successful entrepreneur whose experience, skills and commitment have crossed the threshold of age.
Mahin comes from a traditional political family in Cumilla. He is a worthy son of a patriotic politician father who always thinks about the mainstream of Bengali culture. A smart, impossibly hardworking man accustomed to a very ordinary life who used to value the time. Following in the footsteps of his elder brother who is a successful businessman, he entered into the business world and founded Mahin Apparels Limited in 1993.
In passage of time, he has set up subsidiaries in the ready-made garment industry such as washing plants, packaging, buying units, logistical support, etc with an aim of expanding the business and achieving self-sufficiency. In 1996, Mahin Group decided to invest in a textile unit to further the backward linkages in the country and established Hamid Fabrics Limited in Narsingdi in the name of Mahin’s father, late Abdul Hamid Mazumder. The group was founded in 2000 by the private insurance company Crystal Insurance Company, of which Mahin is the current chairman. Under his leadership, one of the most modern dyeing and finishing mills of the country, was established in 2003.
In 2007, the group set up another state-of-the-art weaving unit. Under the strong leadership of him, Mahin Group is moving forward with the firm conviction towards the desired success. The Group’s products are now internationally acclaimed, touching the world’s most populous continents through direct or indirect exports where America and Europe are in the top position. In recognition of its success, the company has various certificates and honors. Among them, 2012 Outstanding Performance in Production & Export of Textile Award and the 2011 BTMA Award are notable.
Mahin is currently in the process of setting up two companies, Tazarian Weaving Mills and Hamid Yarn Dyeing Limited. The production of these two companies will double the export earnings of the Mahin Group’s textile industry and create employment opportunities for more than 800 jobseekers.
Abdullah Al Mahmud (Mahin) is the current and former elected director of Bangladesh Garment Manufacturers and Exporters Association (BGMEA). At the same time, he is associated with various institutions, agencies and associations; Among them Bangladesh Textile Mills Association, Bangladesh-German Chamber of Commerce, Bangladesh Insurance Association etc are notable. Mahin is also a member of Gulshan Club, Uttara Club, Army Golf Club, Gulshan Youth Club and is actively involved in these organizations.
The readymade garment industry may face disaster in the future. Regarding overcoming these consequences, Mahin says, there are more than 4,000 garment factories in our country. Although we are relatively advanced in knitting, the backward linkage of the oven factory is completely neglected from the beginning. The condition of the sweater manufacturing factories is much the same. Those who are now working towards backward linkage in Bangladesh they need full cooperation. The government policy-makers should take this matter very seriously.
The successful entrepreneur Mahin says, “I am very optimistic about this sector”. There is considerable potential for greater industrialization and success in this sector. The interest of reputed buyers towards our company suggests that the more such industries are established in Bangladesh, the more the top brands from all over the world will be more interested in our country. Most importantly, Bangladesh has already gained a reputation and a strong position in the readymade garment industry in the international arena. We must continue to enhance that reputation. Mahin believes that if the current progress of industrialization can be maintained with the joint efforts of all, Bangladesh can stand in the ranks of developing countries which now is just a matter of time.


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