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Abdul Musabbir Ahammad

Abdul Musabbir Ahammad
Managing Director
Nitol Niloy Group

Abdul Musabbir Ahammad is one of the front-line leaders of the new youthful leadership of the present business world. He is the Managing Director of Nitol Niloy Group. His father Abdul Matlub Ahammad is a distinguished businessman and the Chairman of Nitol Niloy Group. As the right successor and being a capable son he has taken up the very important responsibility of the company. Not only because Musabbir Ahammad is the eldest son of Matlub Ahammad but also because he has obtained proper education and attained experience to handle the responsibility of Managing Director of Nitol Niloy Group.
On completion of education both at home and abroad he joined the business exactly on time. Born in 1979 this young industrial entrepreneur started transport assembling plant with joint collaboration of Tata Group, India under the name Nita Company Limited only within few days after joining the business. He is also performing the responsibility of Managing Director of both Capital Service Center and Nita Company Limited. In his very youthful days, by taking up the transport assembling plant he has left an impression of his unparalleled skill and also has given a signal of becoming an industrial entrepreneur of tomorrow. Among the young business community Musabbir Ahammad is somewhat different in his thoughts and individuality. Young leadership like Musabbir Ahammad is of imperative necessity to take the commodities of Bangladesh to international market and to consolidate its position to exploit opportunities that have been created due to the influence of worldwide commerce. He has immense interest in social and cultural activities setting aside his own trade and business.
Musabbir Ahammad is also contributing a lot to the games and sports of the country. He is the chief patron of the biggest home football tournament as the protagonist of Nitol Tata National football league. He, himself also takes part in basketball and football during leisure. ‘Someday in future this software exporting nation will play the leading role in the world economy’- keeping this in mind Musabbir Ahammad encourages the young professionals and Industrial entrepreneurs for the development of information technology. To observe smooth development of a country perfect transportation system and the ability to produce energy is required, which is reflected in the exploration of industries, mills and factories. Immediately after the liberation of Bangladesh, the famous Indian transport producing establishment Tata came up as the only shareholder as Nitol Motors Limited that holds more than 76% of the share market. At present, some 4,600 people are employed in this company that mitigates the unemployment problem of the country to a great extent. He has good supervision over all the officers and employees of Nitol Group. By next 10 years, he wants to make provision of shelter for all. He has emphasized over two things in the working place, one is ‘To work with Iman’ and the second one is ‘To point out his mistakes’.
Musabbir Ahammad inherited these human qualities out of heritage and from his personal continuous developed education. His grand father Abu Mohammad Abdullah was a Justice of the high court of the then Pakistan. His competent grand son Musabbir Ahammad is very much optimistic about the industry and the business community of this country. His father Matlub Ahammad when established Nitol Motors in 1982, no one ever thought that with the movement of wheels of Tata vehicle, the wheels of development of the country will also be moving: nobody perhaps thought that the development of Nitol Motors and the development of the country will go hand in hand. Nobody is even perplexed with this subject. Because the creative entrepreneur of Nitol Motors, Matlub Ahammad is an industrialist and keeping track of his leadership his son Musabbir Ahammad will also one day start building independent workshop to produce self-contained transports like Tata, Ashok Layland, Maruti, Suzuki and will export these Bangladesh made cars to the world market after winning the domestic market. We all believe that the dependence of transport sector on imported cars will have to be reduced and producing self-manufactured transports within the country will enhance the transportation sector. And this great initiative will be performed by the hands of Musabbir Ahammad.


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