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The drive for business successes through bespoke solutions

Abdul Haque is a successful businessman with a history spanning over 25 years in the IT and software industry. He has experience in a variety of fields, making him an expert in the area. He is a skilled technician and a strong business development professional with a proven track record of success. He was born in Moulvibazar, Bangladesh in 1976 and currently resides in Redbridge, London.

Abdul Haque
Founder and Managing Director
Purple i Technologies

Mr Haque received his bachelor’s degree in Maths and Computing from Brunei University and master’s degree in Advance Software Engineering from the University of Westminster. As a civil servant, he used to work as a specialist software engineer on flight data processes for National Air Traffic Services [NATS]. However, he has now set up his own company and is the founder and managing director of Purple i Technologies, which specializes in IT software and has played a major role in promoting the EPOS system to the Bangladeshi/Indian restaurant industry. With this company he also founded the dineNET Online Order & Reservation System. He is the Founder and Executive Producer of Catering Circle. Catering Circle is a media platform for the catering industry to identify problems, discuss and address the issues, and formulate solutions through active participation of caterers and other key stakeholders. He is also the Vice-Chairman of Channel S, the television station for Bangladeshis in Britain and Europe, which was founded by his brother Mahee Ferdhaus Jalil.
In 2001, the founders of Purple-i set out to create a total software solution for Prestige Auto Group, an accident claims management specialist, to manage its complex business processes. The successful implementation of this unique claims handling software has resulted in faster more streamlined administrative processes, better customer care and considerably less paperwork. Using the core of this software the Purple-i software development team have produced a ‘Human Resource Management’ and a ‘Project Management’ system, and implemented these to manage the complex but critical 24hrs a day activities within Channel S TV, the premier Bengali Language television channel in Europe.
Purple i technologies is committed to create the next-generation digital workspaces, using the three key components in IT for business, Software, hardware and Media solutions, allowing administrators, managers and directors to effectively collaborate in the drive for business success.
Technological developments and sophisticated software play an important role in every industry now, and the restaurant industry is no exception. Drawing on years of carefully cultivated knowledge, Purple I Technologies has become a leading provider of bespoke solutions in the market. Named as Best Bespoke Business Software Developers 2019 in SME News’ Southern Enterprise Awards 2019, we thought it was time to dig a little deeper and discover some of the secrets of success. Eat Out to Help Out! Founded in 2006, Purple-I Technologies has become well known in the restaurant industry for its forward thinking, custom designed, technological solutions. For the past thirteen years, the company has developed new ways to help business make better use of their time and resources, with its incredible systems making a tremendous difference to businesses across the world. Originally working on accident management software, Purple I soon developed new systems based around Human Resource Management and Customer Relationship Management systems. The end result was the impressive EPOS, designed specifically for the world of hospitality and retail.
In many ways, this shows the true range of Purple I. While based in London, the team have achieved incredible success and influence outside of the capital. The team have been market leaders in the Indian restaurant sector for many years, with the success of the EPOS systems allowing the development of DineNet, an online ordering system. This responsive ecommerce with mobile app was designed with individual restaurant brands in order to ensure that it remains at an affordable cost. Success here was the result of a long time spent researching and developing various solutions including EPOS integrations, cutting the costs down in order to ensure that clients would be satisfied with the end result. In the notoriously fickle catering industry, challenges and uncertainty are commonplace. The aim of Purple I is to create ways in which new, affordable, easy to use and sustainable systems can be introduced to offset the trend. The secret of the company is an emphasis on allowing the team to make the most of their product, with no development time or complex referral needed. DineNet, for example, is straightforward enough to run that any member of staff can set it up and run it smoothly, enabling a restaurant to reduce or manage with less staff while customers are able to reap the benefits of a modern, efficient way of ordering their meals. The major impact that Purple i has had on the catering market can clearly be seen in its partnership with Channel S’s Catering Circle Shows. This TV show has proven to be incredibly popular with members of the Bangladeshi community, and look carefully at the ways in series of burning issues and its solutions which includes technological solutions can be introduced in Indian restaurants. For the team from Purple i, the role is that of advisor, explaining to restaurant owners and managers the different ways in which they might be able to use technology effectively and cut down costs.
Generally considered a necessity, there are very few people without a device to hand that can handle any number of demands. This is one of the factors, beyond Purple I’s exceptional product, that has helped to encourage businesses to embrace the EPOS system. Another aspect of what Purple I dineNET has to offer is that it cancels out the high commission charges that are taken from other online platforms. The development of Dec19054 a bespoke online order system negates this entirely, allowing small business owners to get back all of the money from the order and save thousands of pounds in just commission. Following this, Covid19 has completely turned the catering industry on its head. With restaurants now open following lockdown, VAT being reduced to 5% until Jan 2021 and Rishi Sunak’s ‘Eat Out to Help Out’ Scheme, it is hoped that the UK businesses will recover quickly. Indeed, during the lockdown restaurant and bar industry have been severely affected. As businesses had to shut their doors with no certainty of when they will be able to reopen, many adapted quickly to the change by finding new ways to provide their services. For most, this meant introducing a take-away service, which for many was a new venture. Many restaurants turned to using delivery services and Purple I noticed an uptake in clients investing in promoting their own brand using Purple i dineNET and getting rid of online giants such as Just Eat, Deliveroo and UberEATS. Purple I has become core to helping Indian restaurants survive during the crisis and will play a fundamental role in supporting the growth of businesses throughout the UK. In many ways, the company’s home in London, gives it an almost unique perspective as it lies at the epicentre of the UK.

Unparalleled in its diversity, business links, vibrancy and talent, the team find it a joy to be able to operate from the heart of the city with even the London Mayor Sadiq Khan proposing a moving to Purple I’s side of the city. The opportunities for business are clear, with the Purple I crew working tirelessly to ensure that it makes the best of the opportunities available in London and throughout the UK cities. This attitude also applies to the technical side of the business, and the team are always excited about the latest developments and possibilities. Currently, they have begun to broaden their horizons, looking into software for an entirely different sort of event. When large scale events like Award Ceremonies, Conferences, Weddings do begin to start up again, there will be increasing levels of complexity regards physical and virtual attendance and how an event can provide a holistic platform. Purple I will be front and centre to equip the market with a Guest Management System that will simplify proceedings on these occasions as well as offer technological solutions to events. For those who have used the services of Purple I, it is clear that this company is an exceptional Abdul Haque is a successful businessman with a history spanning over 25 years in the IT and software industry. He has experience in a variety of fields, making him an expert in the area. He is a skilled technician and a strong business development professional with a proven track record of success. He was born in Moulvibazar, Bangladesh in 1976 and currently resides in Redbridge, London.


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