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A dazzling name in hospitality industry

Enam Ali MBE – FIH, FRSA
Founder & Group Director

Enam Ali MBE -FIH, FRSA among the most prominent British Asian personalities in the UK, known for his leadership and passionate concern for the interests of the hospitality industry, the man behind revolutionary changed into modernisation curry restaurants every high street in United Kingdom.
Britain taught India how to play cricket, Curry Houses perhaps returned the favour by teaching the British how to enjoy a hot curry and change the eating habit and would not be wrong to say that Enam Ali MBE is the heart and soul of British curry industry.
As a result, he is frequently seen and heard in the UK and worldwide print and broadcast media, such as CNN, SKY news, BBC, Aljazeera TV etc acting as a spokesman for the Asian business sector and as an unofficial ambassador for the country. He began his community work by establishing numerous trade associations in the nineties and published the industry’s first and leading trade
publication Spice Business Magazine in 1997. He is also trustee in many charitable organisations around the country.
He is the founder of several restaurants which includes flagship restaurant Le Raj, The British Curry Awards, Spice Business Magazine, ION Computers, ION TV and director of Sylhet Women Medical College and Hospital.
Enam has successfully, through the “Dine Bangladeshi” campaign in 1994, changed that perception from British diners. 85 per cent of Indian restaurants are owned and run by British Bangladeshis and they are cementing the success and reputation of the British curry industry.
Enam’s campaign also brought about the change in restaurant name from Rajasthan Indian Restaurant to Rajshai Restaurant and Star of India to Star of Bengal, amongst many other such examples.
Moreover, alongside this Enam has developed outstanding relationships in the political arena and exhibited to all political party Indian restaurants industry £4.3 billion contribution in the UK economy.
He has been a member of the Home Office Hospitality Advisory Panel for over five years under Tony Blair’s government. He has also served on four occasions as a jury member for the highcourt and crown courts. He is frequently asked by the Bangladeshi community to assist and meditate in various businesses and domestic disputes.
Subsequently he founded the annual British Curry Awards and last three British Prime Ministers attended the event where former British Prime Minister David Cameron said: “Oscar of the curry industry. Can I say Enam, you have been absolutely inspirational the way you back your industry. I want to congratulate award founder, Enam Ali, couldn’t be better champion in this industry.”
He has been a judge and still a food critic on various TV programmes such as F Word with Gordon Ramsay, Heston Blumenthal Great British Food, Great British Menu and BBC Royal Recipes, Master Chef, Great British Takeaways, amongst many more news segments and programmes. His sound knowledge of Indian food is second to none he is regarded as culinary architect.
In 2008 Enam was appointed a Member of the Order of the British Empire (MBE) in the New Year Honours list for his services to the Indian and Bangladeshi restaurant industry.
In 2011 Enam granted Freedom of the City of London. In the same year, he was awarded Best Business Personality by his local area at their Business Excellence Awards in Surrey in recognition of the contribution he has made to the local community by hosting various charitable events, raising over £1.02 million since 1989.
In 2012 first time Olympic history, Le Raj was the only restaurant selected to serve Indian food to thousands of Olympic officials and presidents to Royal family and diplomats also served iftar during Ramadan during the London Olympic Games.
He was named NRB (Non-Resident Bangladeshi) Person of the year 2015 by Millennium Global Magazine. He was Keynote speaker representing the UK at Franchise India event in New Delhi promote Skill India launched by Prime Minister Narendra Modi and UK has entered into a partnership with India under skill India programme.
In June 2016 Enam was elected president of the British-Bangladesh Chamber of Commerce, to continue promoting trade and investment opportunities and cooperation between Britain and Bangladesh. During his term he led the NRB Global Business Convention in Bangladesh with 39 nations participation to celebrate NRB success and contribution to Bangladesh economy.
Enam also hosted the Global Challenges 2017 conference in Dhaka Bangladesh with keynote speaker, David Cameron, Former Prime minister of Great Britain.
April 2018, he was awarded Awards Professional of the Year Enam continues promoting British Businesses worldwide in the media covering “Curry may be born in India but Britain globalised it”.
In June 2018 his highest academy award he has been recognised by the Institute of Hospitality for his outstanding contribution to the hospitality industry.


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