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A courteous community activist and social worker

Mr. Shapnik Khan

Mr. Shapnik Khan is a community activist among the local and South Asian Community across Houston and Southwest Texas. Currently, he served as a vice chair of one of the largest political action committee in Texas call TPEC (Texas Progressive Executive Council). He has recently served as Senior Assistant to the County Chair of the Fort Bend Democratic party. He was elected as Precinct chair since 2012. Under his leadership, his precinct changed from a Republican precinct to a Democrat over the years. His precinct has the highest voter turnout among all the precincts in Fort Bend. He served as an advisor to the Texas Democratic Party chair in 2018. Previously, He served as Board of Director for Bangladesh Association, Houston since 2000 and became the most successful Secretary General of Bangladesh Association, Houston history, which he was elected during the 2010 election. BAH serves almost 30,000 Bangladeshi Americans in the Greater Houston area.

Under the leadership of his Position, he was elevated to a level of excellence where service and dedication to the community became supreme. As the Secretary-General of BAH, his involvement was a key force in the fund-raising efforts for the construction of BAC (Bangladesh America Center). He was a dynamic force during the last 15 years to influence people to donating for this dream project. Bangladesh American Center is an almost 2-million-dollar project and still in a process to finish. He was the principal organizer of a community fund call “Z-fund” that has benefited hundreds of South Asian Americans during time of need. He always finds the people who are in need of help: for financial trouble, legal predicament or a sudden death in the family. People just expect him to be there!

During his service to “BAH”, his organization was honored as the Organization of the Year in whole North America among all the Bangladeshi American Organizations. He was a key person to run the worldwide campaign for Chase Community Giving program that brought BAH a worldwide fame as well as $10,000.00 cash reward!

I currently managed a mid-size law firm that practice mostly civil litigation. He is blessed with three lovely daughters and a beautiful wife. His wife, Irene, and three daughters give him life a fulfilling experience. His passion is to be a friend and be the helping hand whenever someone needs it. His passion for extending hands always drives him to seek a leadership role, so he can be in a position to lead the course of service and accomplishments that is richly deserved.




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