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Nazim Khan
CEO, Worlds Chefs Certified Executive Chef (WCEC)

Curry industry is one of the oldest industries in the world which necessity will last as long as the world exists. The soul of this curry industry is Chef. The firm which has more efficient, experienced and sincere chefs, the quality of food will be better and more acceptable to the customers as well. Nazim Khan is one of the most talented individual in New York curry industry. He is the World Chefs Certified Executive Chef (CEC)

Nazim Khan is a wonder in world’s cooking arena. This professional figure in the food and beverage sector benefits the firm with its expertise in quality food preparation, marketing/ sales, cost reduction and management excellence. He has a corporate culture through which he is able to reach the main goal by coordinating the work of all levels of staff and employees starting from the manager. Currently, he is the Chief Executive of Bryan Health.
He has been serving there since 2015. Bryan Health Bryan Medical Center (East & West Campus) is one of New York’s leading service providers. He directly supervises food service operations of all areas from Lincoln, Nebraska where quality production is confirmed and costs are controlled. Nazim Khan has to manage the catering production, kitchen operations, patient’s meal service and coffee cups of the two campuses in an attractive manner.

Cooking expert Nazim Khan served the Executive Chef at Hilton Cedar Rapids Convention Complex from 2013 to 2015. He had a huge management with a team of 30 people under his leadership. He handled their recruitment, training, scheduling, purchasing inventory, menu research, development and food/labor cost. In June 2014, this work was aired on the morning news on TV with ‘Chop Chop with Chef Nazim’.

The experience of chef Nazim Khan is quite wide. From 2010 to 2013, he was Executive Chef Senior at Personal Touch Catering, Division of Student Affairs of Virginia Tech and served as an Adjunct Teacher at Virginia Western Community College in the spring and summer of 2012. At that time, ‘The Morning Menu’ was broadcast on TV under his direction. From 2008 to 2010, he was the ‘Executive Sons Chef’ of The Hotel Roanoke & Conference Center, a DoubleTree hotel. This hotel is the Prestige Historic Hotel of America which was founded in 1982. It is on the list of visitors as a historic inn.
Nazim Khan has enriched career experience working at The Ritz-Carlton New York; Battery Park, NY; Marriot Marquis, NY; The Dock House NY; SEN Japanese Restaurant, Sag Harbor, NY. The handsome and hardworking international chef Nazim Khan holds a degree from Business Administration Georgia College, Atlanta Community College, CUNY, NY.
Numerous medals, honors and recognitions have been added to the crown of his professionalism in recognition of his widespread success in the curry industry. Worlds Chefs Certified Executive Chef (WCEC) winning Nazim Khan is a member of Nebraska State Food Council. He has been named United Produce Chef of the Year 2016 as a successful hotel and healthcare chef. He has received HACCP Certified, SERVSAFE Certified, American Hotel and Motel Basic Sanitation certificates; March 2004 Food Handling Certification by NYC & Suffolk Country, New York; Loyal E Horton Dining Awards: Grand Prize on catering online menu 2012; Manger of the year 2008 from Hotel Roanoke and conference Center, VA and Manager of the year for 2004 from Marriot Marquis, NY.
According to Nazim Khan, a chef must have the capability to read people’s mind. It isn’t difficult to meet cooking needs for a few people in a family, but it is not very easy to satisfy the needs of many people in any institution or hotel. He practices cooking every moment and tries to prepare new delicious food items. That is why Nazim Khan is very popular at the institutional level.


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