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A Bangladeshi-born Luminary and Talented Businessman in America

Rabiul Karim
Executive Vice-President, Famacash
Franchisee, Church’s Chicken

Many Bangladeshi talented and luminary youths who established their business and made our country’s position strong Rabiul Karim Belal is one of them. Rabiulwas born in Bogra, then went to West Germany in 1978, and finally moved to America in 1985. His constant efforts are what made him successful.
Rabiul Karim is a successful tech businessmaninAmerica, and is currently founder of ‘Fama Cash’. Rabiul Karim was born in Bogra. After getting his honors degree from Dhaka University in 1978, he went to Germany for taking higher degree. From there he went to America by a student visa in 1985. Apart from study, he worked at a Church’s Chicken restaurant. Within a short period of time, he succeeded to impress the authority. He gradually made progress in his professional life. Within a year, he became the manager of Church’s Chicken at LA Imperial Road South Center area. The next year, he promoted to training manager. Then, he was appointed as Area Manager. Later, he was made Supervising In-Charge of 73 restaurants. By the passage of time, the company turned to franchise from corporate. In 1995, he moved to Kansas from Los Angeles to become a Franchisee for Church’s Chicken himself, where he started with four restaurants. Mr. Karim’s years as a Franchisee consisted of starting with 4 restaurants, to opening 3 new restaurants the same year in the Wichita market and 2 more restaurants in the Dallas/Fort Worth market later on. Rabiul Karim decided to move on from his Franchisee title in Wichita, Kansas in 2015 to pursue new aspirations. He is still a Franchisee in his Dallas/Fort Worth market. Currently the Executive Vice President for Fama Cash, Inc., where he has played a major role for the FinTech Startup. Mr. Karim has been with Fama Cash, Inc. from the early stages when the company was started in 2015. Fama Cash is a FinTech startup company, that is rich in new technologies, such as artificial intelligence and blockchain, and software development. Mr. Karim spent two years (2015-2017) in Bangladesh, as it is a major remittance market for Fama Cash, to establish a team and office in Dhaka. He is now working with the core management team at Fama Cash’s Headquarters in Pennsylvania to create and manage a cashless society for the globe.
Rabiul Karim Belal is a skilled organizer. With the assistance of Wichita State University Professor Dr. Masud, he established ‘Midcontinent Bangladesh Association (MCBA)’, an organization of immigrant Bangladesh community. Rabiul Karim was the chairman of FOBANA for the year 2009-10. In 2007, he was a convener of FOBANA. When he went to lead FOBANA, he emphasized three important things:a strong constitution, operating procedures and a 10-year plan which was known as ‘Vision 2020’. Mr. Karim also developed Sub-Committees or Standing Committees during his Chairman tenure in 2009-10.
He worked hard to make FOBANA a strong organization. He gave FOBANA a new life.
A true patriot, Rabiul Karim visits Bangladesh frequently with his family. His love for Bangladesh always inspires him to do more for his motherland and develop activities in the country. Rabiul Karim Belal’s lone son Akash obtained a Computer Science degree from Wichita State University. He is now performing duties as ‘Director of Operation’ at his father’s company, Fama Cash, a mobile financing company. Akash is currently pursuing his Master of Business Administration with a concentration in Executive Management at Ohio University.The year 1995 was a turning year of his life. There were only 28 Bangladeshi families in Wichita, Kansas in 1995. Rabiul Karim took 5 more families there from Los Angeles to establish themselves. Though many people didn’t like the shift to Wichita from Los Angeles, Rabiul Karim thrived there as he established himself and his livelihood very well. After living 25 years in Wichita, Rabiul moved to Pennsylvania, where his new company, Fama Cash, is headquartered. However, the Bangladeshi immigrants of Wichita still remember him as he became a trusted figure to them, the community, and the city.


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